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  • Academic Publications

    1A. Books

    1B. Journal Articles / Book Chapters on Governance

    1. Corruption: Good governance powers innovation’, Nature, 518(7539), p. 295
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    1C. Policy Reports

    1. Contextual Choices in Fighting Corruption. Lessons Learned’, Oslo: Norwegian Agency for Cooperation in Development (NORAD), September 2011
    2. A Case Study in Political Clientelism: Romania’s Policy-Making Mayhem’, October 2010, Introduction to World Bank Functional Review Romania 2010
    3. The Experience of Civil Society as an Anti-Corruption Actor in East Central Europe’ in Romanian Journal of Political Science, Special Issue, Vol. 10, September 2010, p. 5. Open Society Institute Report
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    5. Seeking the Virtuous Circle. Migration and Development in South-Eastern Europe’ in Development and Transition, a journal of United Nations Development Programme and London School of Economics, No. 2, 2005, pp. 7-11


    Contextual Choices in Fighting Corruption_ Lessons Learned.pdf
    Return to Europe as an Anticommunist and Transformational Device.pdf
    Corruption_ Diagnosis and Treatment.pdf
    Democracy and Autoritarianism in the Postcommunist World. When Europeanization Meets Transformation (Description & Cover).pdf
    The Other Transition (Summary and Cover).pdf
    Deconstructing Balkan Particularism. The Ambiguous Social Capital of Southeastern Europe.pdf
    Is East-Central Europe Backsliding.pdf
    Romania. Outsmarting the EU’s Smart Power.pdf
    Two_Villages_Introductory_ Chapter(eng).pdf
    Exploring the Constituencies for Europe in Southeastern Europe.pdf
    Democratization Without Decommunization in the Balkans.pdf
    Romania. Fatalistic Political Cultures Revisited.pdf
    SEE Property Restitution Paper.pdf
    Hijacked Modernization_ Romanian Political Culture in the 20th Century.pdf